Our Approach

Why we do this.

There is a massively better way to create great companies.  It starts with vision, planning, and commitment.  We love working with entrepreneurs to create outstanding ventures and impact lives.

What we do.

We create great companies based on the vision and ingenuity of great entrepreneurs.  We bring outstanding industry, regulatory, entrepreneurial, and investor expertise to bear on big unmet needs in the medical device industry.  We deeply analyze the chance of success for a given medical device and work closely with founding teams to realize their vision.  We are active investors and great partners.

How we do it.

The difference is our investment thesis.  We know what it takes to commercialize medical devices and to set the stage for strategic acquisitions.   We are active investors and use a fractional/virtual accelerator model to reach exits in a capital efficient manner and faster.

Potential portfolio companies must have a clear business model, value proposition, and sustainable competitive advantage with an equally clear commercialization path.  We are looking for companies with rational valuations, innovative technology, low market adoption risk.  We evaluate investment opportunities with a 217-point quantitative scoring system based on interviews with hospitals, physicians, clinicians, staff, and sales professionals in order to document the superiority of the device and validate its ROI.  We focus on understanding development costs, regulatory hurdles, and value to an acquirer.  Finally, we interview potential acquirers to ensure the company has a clear path to exit within an attractive timeframe.  With this information, a “map” is created for the company’s future.  We provide capital in three stages and bring a robust co-investment network with us to the engagement.  If selected, we will do everything within the bounds of law and practicality to ensure your success.  When you succeed, we succeed.

What you should take away.

  1. We focus on medical devices because we have a proven track record, low regulatory hurdles, and long standing industry relationships.
  2. We invest where we can make the biggest impact and drive outsized returns.
  3. We believe with our unprecedented diligence process, the resulting exit map, and intelligent device development and commercialization expertise that we have a winning model.
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